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Preventative Health: How to Keep your Pet Healthy

At Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital we understand that your pet really is part of your family. As an experienced team of vets and animal lovers we also appreciate how important it is to keep your pet healthy and happy. The best way to prevent your pet from illness or disease is to undertake simple and regular preventative health care measures.


Vaccinations are an essential aspect of preventative health care for your beloved pet to safeguard them from serious and potentially fatal diseases. Did you know that you should begin to vaccinate your pet between 6 to 8 weeks of age? They are most vulnerable when they are younger however regular vaccinations are required throughout their lifespan. If you do happen to miss a round of vaccinations for your pet – please contact us immediately to arrange an appointment.

Dental Care

Often pet dentistry can be overlooked by many pet owners, however preventative dental care is essential for keeping your pet healthy. It is also quite common for your pet to not show any obvious signs of dental disease, therefore a professional dental examination by one of our vets may be required. Our qualified team can then structure a comprehensive dental care program for your pet, to ensure the health of your pet’s teeth and gums.

Weight Control Program

Our qualified team of vets can help you keep your pet’s weight within a healthy bracket for their breed. Here at Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital, we are also able to tailor a custom dietary management plan, exercise program and regular weight checks to ensure your pet remains at a healthy weight. There are plenty of simple activities that you can include in your everyday schedule such as regular walks or trips to a dog park, to ensure your pet gets the exercise they need, and they’ll love you for it!

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm diseases are unfortunately very common in pets, particularly those living in coastal areas. In fact, heartworm is a worm that lives within the dog’s heart and can be spread by mosquitoes. The scary part about the disease is that by the time you realise the symptoms in your pet, it may have already caused some serious damage. Here at Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital we recommend that a heartworm prevention program, which includes specific medication, should be put in place from the first vaccination and should be updated each annual vaccination.

Tick Prevention

A tick is a tiny parasite, which burrows into your pet’s skin. The two most common types of tick include the Paralysis Tick, which can be fatal and Bush Tick, which may merely cause discomfort in your pet. While you can’t avoid ticks completely, regular grooming and checks of your pets will ensure you catch a deadly tick early and can bring them to your vet to safely remove it.

Preventative health care is all about creating programs and precautions to minimise the risk of illness and disease for your pets. By conducting a few basic preventive health care duties in additional to regular vaccinations and checkups with your local vet, you can ensure you pet is as healthy as possible.

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